Iconic VIP Tours specializes in providing exceptional virtual experiences.

The mission: to nurture and uplift humanity, one experience at the time.

The company’s paramount priority is to offer excellent professional, boutique and personalized services on each experience.

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Iconic VIP Tours:

About The Company

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Iconic VIP Tours' Story

"As a professional tour guide and founder of Iconic VIP Tours, I have been exposed to some of the world’s greatest works of creativity and imagination. 

I loved to make my tours very entertaining by playing games, introducing puzzles and linking the artifacts in the museums to the greatest books, movies and myths.

When Covid 19 began, I decided to create captivating virtual experiences where participants could - just like in my tours in the museums - have fun, learn new things, engage with one another and boost their wellbeing."

Natacha Adjovi, Founder

Natacha Adjovi

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In The Media

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