Virtual Murder Mysteries:

How It Works

Iconic VIP Tours Murder Mysteries how it

Would you be able to solve the case under 60 minutes?

What mysteries will you discover along the way?

Can you decipher the clues before it is too late?

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Virtual Murder Mysteries Presentation Demo
Iconic VIP Tours Virtual Murder Mysteries Demo

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List of The Virtual Murder Mysteries
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60 mins ( customizable/additional costs)

Old Fashioned Film Camera 2

What Are Virtual Murder Mystery Experiences?

Iconic VIP Tours virtual murder mysteries are fully facilitated experiences led by a live Game Master who brings participants into the adventures using captivating storytelling with the help of slides.

Participants face challenges testing their mental and problem-solving skills across imaginary locations while developing creativity, engagement  and interpersonal skills.

Idea 2

The clues

The clues are based on general logic and at a level where most people will be able to solve.


The Plots

Even though the experiences are based on the greatest movies, books and TV series, it is not necessary for the participants to be familiar with the stories that inspired the experience to enjoy the missions.

Head Statue

Real Mythical and historical facts

To increase realism, a sense of wonder and discovery; real mythical and historical facts and artifacts are included in the experiences.

Award Ribbon

The Game Master

Please click here to find out more about the Game Master.

Team Building

How Does It Work With Large Groups?

To create a collaborative environment, the participants are put into teams (breakout rooms).

​​Each team creates a team name and will assign specific roles (captain, treasurer,..).

The participants face challenges testing their problem-solving skills across imaginary locations. 

At each location, they have to solve clues in order to earn gold coins.


The Game Master and potential co-hosts will go around to ensure that everyone (who wants) participate and have a good time. ​ 

The teams play against each other in a competitive and friendly environment. The participants are together at the beginning and the end of the game.


Event planning For Medium to Large Groups

1. The participants wait for the event to start in the virtual waiting room.

2. The Game Master welcomes everyone into the virtual main room.

3. The Game Master introduces the plot, the mission and gives the instructions.

4. The participants are put into teams in virtual breakout rooms.

5. The participants are given links to pages where they can access the mission files. Please click here to see an example.

6. The participants will solve the clues and enter their answers into forms.

7. The Participants get back to the main room for a mission debriefing and to find out the name of the winning team.

Alarm Clock

What about latecomers?

Zoom can be disturbed when latecomers are added to the rooms once the breakout rooms have been formed. 

Therefore, to prevent any issues, Iconic VIP Tours will not be in the position to add any latecomers to the rooms once the breakout rooms have been formed.

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